Don’t be a Victim

I, again, am tackling this blog for the third time. That’s right folks, I have already written this thing twice. Why have I continued to update and rewrite this blog post? Because the shit doesn’t stop out there.

So, most recently, in the USA, they had a horrible weekend of death, spanning over a number of shootings, and at the same time, here in Canada, we had about a dozen shootings in Toronto over the weekend.

The point of this blog, as you can tell from the title, is about living in this mom and dad parent society, where we are forced to live as a victim in waiting.

In this country, you are not allowed to properly defend yourself against someone wishing to do you harm, without facing a very real possibility of seeing the inside of a prison, (another corrupt system that maybe I will touch on in the future).

Response times in this country, are terrible. My wife, while pregnant with my son, and at home with 3 girls, had a unruly person show up to the house, demanding money, and threatening to do what it took to get it, when he came back. The guy left, my wife called the police. It took the police office over 3hrs to show up, to a call about a pregnant woman in possible imminent danger. What took him so long? He admitted to getting the call and remaining at the Tim Hortons across town for the duration of those 3hrs.

Now, most would argue that this was an extreme circumstance, and in all honesty, it was. Response times vary depending on when, where, and what is going on. The thing is, that while this officer was enjoying his Double-Double and Boston Cream, the extremely irate and drug fueled individual could have made good on his promise to come back and get his money. At the point that this person would have been in the driveway, it would have been too late to call again. At that point, even a short 5-minute response time wouldn’t have been enough to prevent a serious incident.

If this guy had come back, looking for this cash, and intending harm to get it, there would have been nothing my wife could have done to defend herself and the children, there is a good chance I would have come out of the field to a house with my dead family in it. That would have absolutely happened, because again, from the mouth of the office, after receiving a call about a pregnant woman in distress, and the details of the incident, he told my wife that if she hadn’t answered the door when he got there, he would have just left.

What am I getting at here? It is simple, in that situation, if my wife had been allowed by law, to defend herself, her unborn child, and her living children, she wouldn’t have had to get them all together in the bathtub upstairs, hiding out of fear. She could have carried on, and if he had come back, she would have had the ability to do something, and NOT REMAIN A VICTIM!

I tell this story, because anti-gun people, and those who just don’t understand life and liberty, always say the same things. You can Call the Police – well in that case there, not really, his lard ass didn’t do shit. If you have a gun, so will they – THEY HAVE GUNS ANYWAYS! No one needs an ‘Assault Rifle’ – There is no such thing as an assault rifle. Not even such thing as a military grade rifle. They all do the same thing, just at different speeds and making different holes, but there is NOTHING military or assault about it. (You can buy a fucking grenade launcher in Canada, LEGALLY!) And of course, the all time favourite out of theses people, Why do you even need _____(fill in the blank) – WHY? None of your damn business, that’s why!

This country has a serious problem of making its own citizens become its enemies through over bearing laws and reforms. Don’t allow yourself to be stripped of your freedoms until there is nothing left. Any, and I mean ANY compromise now, WILL RESULT IN FULL CONFISCATION LATER.

It always starts with something small. I am sure when the government said they wanted to make people need a drivers licence to drive (a government invented thing, to control the populations ability to use and enjoy a product made by the free market), the people didn’t think that one day you would need one to use your boat, ride your motorcycle, use an ATV, climb a tall ladder (fall arrest certification, a government installed program), work, buy a gun, hunt, fish, etc.

The governments control over your life is only getting stronger, and more complete. As people, you can either do something about it now, or wonder why you didn’t in the future.

Personally, I will die free before I live a slave!

Stay Safe, Stay Alive, See You Tomorrow

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