BrewMaster Aug 2019

Each month, I want to take time to find someone, and recognize them publicly. It doesn’t need to be someone who serves or served. It can be anyone that we draw some sort of inspiration from. For this first go at it, I will pick the first person.

So, for this month, it is…drum roll please…my oldest daughter Brooke.

I don’t really know where to start with this one, even though I have been planning this write up for a while now.

Lets face it, how in the hell could I possibly honour a child, let alone my own, pre-pubescent daughter, as someone who can inspire the likes of us old crusty assholes.

Simple, this kid WORKS.

We all know the work ethic, the one that helped us be successful in the field of our choosing. This kid has it.

At the age of 12, she has an already almost fully book schedule working. She does artwork and sells it at a kids market (pays for, and gets herself to and from by herself), has a set job for the summer babysitting, babysits her siblings (of who are quite the handful for her). Oh, and when she isn’t doing all of that, you will probably find her at the shop, helping out around the store, assisting with the coffee corner, or just sitting in the front window drawing or playing guitar. She works harder than most people I know.

What is inspirational about all that? Hard work, but its not just that. This 12-year-old kid spends her time, when she isn’t working or drawing for the market, or babysitting, looking up and reading how to be a better big sister and care giver to her brother. She takes the time to learn how to better communicate with him, calm him down when he is having a melt down, and how to be his rock.

Brooke, without you helping us out, and being the big sister that you are to that boy, mom and I would be lost.

Kid, you inspire me to be a better father to you, your sisters, and your bother, and a better husband to your mom.

Kid, thank you!

  • Matt


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